Address Potential Security Issues Before They Arise

Avtex Helps Ensure the Security of Data Within Your CIC Environment

Protect Your Customers and Your Organization by Securing Your CIC Environment

Protecting customer data should be at the forefront of any organization’s security goals. Unfortunately, protecting data becomes increasingly difficult as hackers continually search for weaknesses in security programs, algorithms and strategies.

Recently, it has become clear that a widely-used security strategy, (S)ecure (H)ash (A)lgorithms or SHAs, has been targeted aggressively by hackers. SHA-1, the variation often used to by TLS certificate authorities to sign certificates, may now be exposed to vulnerabilities.

Businesses that leverage SHA-1 to secure their Customer Interaction Center environments may be at risk. Avtex offers customized solution packages to address these potential risks before they impact your customers and your organization.

Our SHA security upgrade package includes:

  • Review of existing algorithm: Identifying the security algorithm active within your CIC environment can be difficult. Our contact center experts will help you review the in-place algorithms.
  • Identification of solution: Your current security algorithm determines the course of action needed to resolve potential vulnerabilities. We walk you through the best upgrade solution and offer advice on what you can expect from the process, including any impact the solution may have on your organization.
  • Execution of upgrade: Our team manages the logistical execution of the upgrade solution from start to finish. We help you identify the optimal window, set stakeholder responsibilities and coordinate between involved departments. During the execution phase, our experts handle all coding and development work.
  • Available project management: We offer comprehensive project management services to help streamline the process of addressing potential security vulnerabilities. Adding project management to your solution package ensures the swift and efficient delivery of upgrades and a minimal impact on your daily operations.

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