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At Avtex, we love getting together with like-minded people and talking about the challenges and opportunities associated with contact center technologies, processes and strategy. CX17 is a great place to share ideas, swap stories and learn from our peers.

To show our ongoing appreciation for everything you bring to the discussion, we are extending several special offers exclusively to CX17 attendees.

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Customer Experience Innovation Workshop

Save 25% on CX Innovation Workshops

Our Customer Experience Innovation Workshops are four hour sessions held on-site with your team.

During the workshop, our experts walk you through your customer’s journey, your current CX efforts and the opportunities for improvement and innovation. The workshop is designed to give your organization viable innovation ideas, as well as the knowledge and insight needed to conduct your own internal innovation workshops.

Customer Experience Maturity Assessment

Save 25% on CX Maturity Assessments

Our Customer Experience Maturity assessment provides an unbiased look at the strengths and weaknesses of your current efforts, areas of improvement and industry best practices.

Following the on-site workshop, you’ll receive an assessment of where your organization is in its CX journey. Our experts also offer advice on specific areas of improvement and gaps in your ecosystem, as well as recommendations for how to turn those potential weaknesses into strengths.

PureConnect and PureCloud Training Sessions

Buy 3 and Get 1 Free Training Session or Take 25% Off a Single Training Session

Avtex offers public training courses focused on Genesys, formerly Interactive Intelligence, PureConnect (CIC) and PureCloud technologies. These regularly scheduled courses offer you the opportunity to educate new employees and refresh or expand existing employee knowledge by introducing them to areas of a product you may not be currently utilizing. Our courses can also give you a head start on a product you may be considering adding to your current solution.

Join others from various companies to learn the product features and functionalities in a safe instructor led online environment.

Courses are available for administrators, agents and end users. PureConnect and PureCloud features topics include:

  • ICBM Supervisor, Recorder, QM,
  • Interaction Desktop
  • Interaction Connect
  • Interaction Administrator
  • Scheduled Reports

Workforce Optimization Strategy and Consulting

Ask the Optimizer Expert for FREE or Take 10% off Consulting

Workforce Optimization (WFO) gives your contact center the necessary tools to optimize the performance of your entire workforce and achieve your operational and strategic goals. Whether those goals are delivering a great customer experience, holding the line on servicing costs, or a little of both – Workforce Optimization from helps you reach them by monitoring, directing, and improving employee performance.

During the Ask the Optimizer session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, share concerns and gain insight into workforce optimization best practices — all from an technology and optimization expert who has filled your shoes.

Our Workforce Optimization consulting services have been carefully designed to help organizations streamline the process of managing a wide range of Workforce Optimization issues, including:

  • Interaction Optimizer
  • Optimization Best Practices
  • Integrated Vacation Planner
  • Automated Agent Shift Trading
  • Long Term Forecasting

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