PX Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Avtex Helps You Provide Memorable Patient Experiences

Leveraging Patient Experience as a Key Differentiator

Recent changes in health insurance laws have given Americans additional choices when seeking medical care. With these added options, the power has shifted to those seeking medical care, rather than those providing it. Today, more than ever, patients are able to consider multiple providers when choosing care. Patient Care, or the type and quality of medical care each provider offers is most often the main determining factor in a patient’s decision. Another key factor many individuals consider when searching for a healthcare provider is Patient Experience.

By making the effort to create, improve and maintain PX strategies, technologies and training, your healthcare organization may be able to set yourself apart in a crowded marketplace and create lasting relationships with your patients. Without a commitment to PX, you may face an uphill battle to attract and retain patients.

Avtex Offers a Wide Range of PX Solutions and Services

Patient Experience, or PX, is the sum of all interactions between a patient and their healthcare provider. This includes interactions outside of the medical office, such as appointment scheduling, billing, appointment follow up and more.


Contact Center

Patients expect the ability to contact your organization through multiple channels at various points int he care process. Our contact center solutions streamline incoming and outgoing communications channels, thereby ensuring your patients access to information and assistance.

Customer Engagment

A detailed knowledge of your patients’ medical and care records, scheduling preferences and personal data is key to the delivery of effective care and experience. We provide the solutions and guidance you need to create, maintain and utilize patient records.

Business Productivity

Arming your staff with the tools they need to support patients is vital to the quality of care and experience. We create customized business productivity solutions to support staff collaboration and execution of tasks critical to the delivery of quality patient care and experience.

App Development

Providing your patients and staff access to information and self-service options helps to streamline care and experience. We work with your organization to create custom mobile and web-based applications to support patients and staff members alike.

Innovating PX Delivery for the Healthcare Industry

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many healthcare organizations to streamline the delivery and maintenance of effective Patient Experience. Here are just a few examples of the healthcare organizations we’ve worked with over the years.



Avtex leveraged collaboration solutions and an innovative approach to help LifeSource's organ donation management team save lives.


Language Access Network

Avtex created innovative communications solutions to help LAN put patients and medical providers in touch with interpreters fluent in more than 210 languages.

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